Max del Principe

Max del Principe

Born in Milano (Italy), after travelling around Europe and living in Paris and Nice, he made the definitive move to Amsterdam, the city which kicked started his love for djíng.

In the early years, Max played during the canal Parade and he was the opening dj of Amsterdam Gay Pride largest's street celebration. Max's infectious sounds were noticed since his first gigs and he was shortly after invited to play in the hottest new gay nightclub in Amsterdam, Club Church. Only a few days later, Max received a call from the club owner offering him a residency which he still holds on Friday nights. This Friday night party became very popular in Amsterdam and still sees a cue at the door sometimes down the street.

A few month after starting his residency in Club Church, Max was invited to play for Rapido Events, starting with Funhouse, Celebrate in several venues like Hotel Arena, Club Air, Wasterunie and finally at the home of Rapido, Club Paradiso, he also performed several times for Funhouse XXXL at the amazing Gashouder with 8000 visitors.

From this moment on, Max got booked by international Clubs and Events like Maspalomas Pride, Zurich pride, Dublin "Daddy" and his first overseas booking in Montreal at “Black Night”, he also performed in Berlin in Club Magdalena and Funkhaus, last but not least at Dies3l (Madrid).

Nowadays Max is the resident (and DJ booking Manager) of "Club Church", as well as in the different productions of Rapido Events, for "Gorillas Party" (Italy) and often to be found in Europe most famous after hours “Greenkomm" in Cologne.

Max Del Principe's music is s a great blend of happy and uplifting and varies from funky through circuit with a twist of tribal influence up to a more progressive and techno sound for after hours.

Resident Club Church Amsterdam
Naughty Control Cologne
Greenkomm Cologne
Gorillas (various venues Italy)
Darklands Antwerpen
Former resident Club Fuxxx Amsterdam
Celebrate (rapido events)
Funhouse (rapido events)
Funhouse After
Rapido festival
Warehouse Amsterdam
Atlantis afterparty
Atlantis Main party
Wonderworld – gay Pride (Zurich)
Daddi (Dublin & Gran Canaria)
Gran Canaria Gay Pride
Circuit, Wet and White and T-dance Gran Canaria
KLF @ Gibus (Paris)
Gorillas party (several clubs in Italy)
Connection Club (Berlin)
Black night (Montreal - Canada)
Propaganda @ Club Red and Blue - Antwerpen (BE)
Club trash (D-Club Antwerpen)
Into the tank (Madrid)
United festival (funkhaus Berlin)