Be responsible, think for yourself and care about others

Almost nothing is better than partying with your friends, being one with the music, being part of an amazing crowd, dancing till your feet don’t want anymore and flirting with the most beautiful people. It’s great to celebrate the good life and to share this feeling with party-people around you.

Even though partying is great, it is not without risks. Therefore it’s good to know what these risks are, from blisters and ear damage to the use of alcohol and drugs. Keep in mind that hard drugs are still illegal.

We want to make you, our visitors, more aware of the risks that can take place while partying. Celebrate Safe is a platform that provides tips and reliable information about conscious and safe partying.

Celebrate safe tips

You have the freedom to enjoy, but be kind to yourself and your body. Be cautious and smart about the substances that you take. Keep track of how much you take and how it affects you, may it be alcohol or drugs.
The use of alcohol and drugs is never fully without risks and every substance works differently. The risk lies in what you take, where you take it, how much you take and how your body reacts to this. One person might be tipsy after three beers, while the other after ten. This is why you should know what you are taking and pace yourself. Don’t believe everything you see or hear, instead look for information on your own. Relaxing and having fun is great, but do it consciously. The best nights are those when you feel your best, this is also possible without drugs and alcohol.
And, let’s not forget that hard drugs –even if it doesn’t seem like that in our community- are still illegal and most events have a zero tolerance policy.
For more information about alcohol and other party-drugs, hearing loss, eating advice and tips to lower the risk, please check: and follow our friends from Unity for their latest news, research, policies and discussions for and by party goers at

A party without music is like soda without pop. Because you want to enjoy the music as long as possible, it is important to be careful with your ears. Here a three tips to prevent hearing loss:
Listen as safely as possible; find a place where you can enjoy the party but still have enough distance from the speakers. Standing too close to the speakers can damage your hearing.

Wear earplugs! When sound levels are higher than 80dB’s it is wise to use earplugs. Like this, you can still hear the music well, you can communicate easily with your friends and you protect your ears.

Let your ears rest for a while. Look for a quiet place to give your ears a ‘pause’. When you do this, your ears will recuperate and you will be able to enjoy the music for a longer time.

I Love My Ears Website

At a good event, together you are one. The public creates the vibe and you share a unique experience together. Therefore, look out for both your friends and other party goers so everyone can enjoy the party.

Don’t leave your friends alone, especially if you know that they have used something. It is always handy to agree upon a meeting point, may you lose each other.

Did you use something? Be honest about it. Don’t try to convince others to do it with you and don’t let others pressure you into using something you don’t want to use. It would be a shame if that would ruin your party. Listen to your intuition!

There is always a First Aid stand at an event and you can visit them for everything, even if it’s for a blister or a Band-Aid. Remember to always be nice to those helping you and ALWAYS be honest about what you have used. They are there to help you.

And don’t forget that if you party together, you stay together. Be clear about who the designated driver is!

You are not a robot. Regardless of how long you would want to party, it’s not going to happen. Allow yourself to refuel. If you’re enjoying yourself you will obviously not want the party to stop, but sleeping is important and necessary. So, do not forget to catch up on those sleepless hours to get ready for the next party. Treat yourself to a good and powerful breakfast, you have earned it after a night of partying.

During an event your body loses a lot of water. Drinking enough water is extremely important. BUT drinking too much water can be dangerous for your body. It is recommended not to drink more than 2 glasses or 1 bottle of water an hour. Take a break from dancing and eat every now and then, this way you will keep a high energy level. The bonus: you can party for longer.

Look out for yourself. Think about what you want to do, at what time you would like to be there, how you will get home, if you want to bring something or not, and discuss it with your friends.

For alcohol and drugs: ‘less is more’. It is better not to have taken enough than too much. That one too much can cause you to not feel well and to ruin the party, that would be a pity. Also, be aware that when you have taken too much, most of the time, the day/night is also ruined for the people you go out with.

Party, live, dance, go wild, but within the limits that your body can handle and where you feel good.

A few sad numbers: in the Netherlands each year there are give or take 250 traffic deaths and 3400 serious injuries due to alcohol. Every year 80 people die in traffic because of drug use. Especially youngsters, heavy drinkers and people who use a combination of alcohol and drugs have a bigger chance to get hurt in traffic then people who don’t.

If you drank alcohol or have taken any drugs, you underestimate yourself in your driving skills. But you should realize that you are a danger to yourself and to other road users. That’s why we advise: don’t do it. Driving under influence is a felony and you could lose your license over it.

But there’s another danger for drivers that is underestimated: exhaustion. If you are exhausted after going to the club, there is only one thing that will help: sleeping. Energy drinks or other stimulating substances don’t help you to stay awake.

So be sure you have safe transportation to get home. Don’t get in the car with someone who isn’t sober. Get a taxi, get a hotel room, get your pregnant friend to pick you up or better yet: take public transport or arrange your trip with event travel. Plan your way home in advance! If you decide to take the car anyway, make good arrangements with your friends about who’s the designated driver and keep that person to this arrangement. Don’t distract him while driving and keep your hands above the seatbelt so you guys get home safely.

Are you not feeling good? Or have you noticed that one of your friends isn’t feeling well? Do not hesitate and go to the First Aid Team stand. You are always welcome. Don’t be afraid to get into trouble if you go to the First Aid Team and always be honest about what you’ve taken. If the team doesn’t know what you’ve been taking, they can’t help you. Therefore, always tell your friends as well what you have been using. If you have been using drugs, there are no legal consequences. Not for yourself and not for those who take you to the team. If you can’t find the First Aid Team or for some reason, you can’t get there, then you can always ask a security guard or a crewmember to call the team for you. Do not leave the person who isn’t feeling well alone at any time.

You can also go to the First Aid Team if you want a Tylenol/Paracetamol , a band aid for blisters you got from dancing or a glass of water is you’re not feeling well. Everything you discuss with the First Aid Team and everything that has been done by the team is strictly confidential.

Be kind to the First Aid Team. They’re there for you and they are your friend, but they are also professionals. Trust them in their work en have a little respect for the fact that these heroes work very hard just to help you.

Partying is, besides dancing, also flirting. And the more drunk you get, the prettier the people become too. So the chance that you succeed in finding the love of your life – or just for one night – and take them home or to your tent is very big. It would be a shame if you were sitting at a STD clinic a few weeks later, because you got a little souvenir form that night.

So, ladies and gentlemen, always bring condoms! Tell the other person your boundaries and do not let him or her talk you into doing things you don’t want to do. If the other person really likes you and your body, then he or she will respect your wishes. And for the gentlemen: you’re really no douchebag if you do it safe. And you’re safe to say that in nine months there isn’t a mini version of you crawling around. This way you can enjoy without having any regrets later.

Of course it’s your plan to dance and party all night long, but sometimes your body needs to cool down. Especially in a place where it’s hot and moist, your body can’t lose its own heat and moisture, so you may get overheated. Make sure you take a moment to chill every once in a while. Chill, the word itself says it all: cool down and stop dancing. It is the best way to prevent your body to become overheated. It’s even better than drinking water. Go to a cooler place, like the chill out – or during an outdoor festival: a spot in the shades – where you can relax, cool down and recharge for the remainder of the night. If you don’t feel well don’t keep on dancing but look for a quiet place out of the crowd or visit the First Aid Team for advice. Of you take the time to chill every once in a while, your night will last a lot longer.

Welcome in the Netherlands, the country where it’s easy to see the four seasons in one day. One moment there is this tropical sun shining on our pretty little country, but that can be all washed away within the hour with a hailstorm. Always check the weather forecasts before going to a festival and make sure you are prepared for any kind of weather.

Wear something that’s not too hot but also not too cold. The best thing to do is to put on some layers you can put on or take off if necessary. Don’t wear clothing that is too thick, it is important that your body can ventilate so that you won’t get overheated. Headgear isn’t always a good idea; it works good against the sun, but your head can get very hot at the same time. Don’t forget to put on some sunblock.

If you’re attending a multi-day festival and your headed to your tent, be sure to dress warm, think socks and sweaters. Because if you have been drinking and go to bed, you don’t feel your body is cooling down. If you dress properly, you won’t get cold in the middle of the night.

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