Dear Rapido Events visitor


First of all I hope you and all around you are in good health and the COVID-19 virus will stay away from you. At this moment the virus is endangering Europe and sadly also spreading fast worldwide.


The virus has a high impact on our ordinary life and our LGBT(+) community. This includes visiting large dance-events. Our top priority is organizing events in which both our visitors and crew are in a safe and healthy environment. For this we follow the recommendations from our Health organizations. As one of the measures to overwin the virus the Dutch government and Health organization announced that both smaller and larger events are not allowed till September 1st.


We were working hard to bring you yet an amazing experience on our King & Pride Weekend events and are, like you, extremely sad we have to announce all announced events till September 1st will be postponed. 


Since we have clarity right now that all King & Pride events will have to be postponed we have to look ahead. We know at one point the COVID-19 misery will be behind us enabling us to meet, dance and celebrate life again.


Your purchased tickets will be valid for future events.


The new date for the 2021 King weekend has been confirmed to be Saturday May 1st & Sunday May 2nd.

The new date for the 2021 Pride weekend has been confirmed to be Saturday August 7th & Sunday August 8th.


All ticket purchasers have been contacted meanwhile, if you however missed our mailing please drop us an email (info@clubrapido.com) and we will resend you our mailing in which all options are highlighted. We advise you to do this before June 1st.


More information and the “what about” you can find on our F.A.Q. page on our website.


We announced meanwhile new events in October – November & December. The sale of those tickets is expected to commence on Saturday June 20th, but this can be postponed till a later date if new enforced measures from our government would tell us to do so. So stay tuned for ticket updates.


I am now more then ever looking forward to welcome you in one of the future events. 


Stay Safe – Stay Healthy and Stay Happy !

yours, Edgar Bonte

update May 12th.

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