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FAQ – KING & Pride weekend

The Dutch government has announced on March 18 measures to restrict the COVID-19 outbreak. In this measures all events till June 1st are called off. This includes the FunHouse XL King edition on Saturday April 25 and the Rapido King edition on Sunday April 26.

The Dutch government has announced the extension of its measures on April 21. In this extension all larger events scheduled to take place in the Netherlands until September 1st are postponed. This includes the FunHouse XXL Pride edition on Saturday August 1 and the Rapido PRIDE edition on Sunday August 2..

Our King weekend is scheduled to take place on Saturday May 1st & Sunday May 2nd. – 2021. The King weekend will include on Saturday May 1st FunHouse XL King edition, on Sunday May 2nd Rapido King edition and on Monday-morning May 3rd the King AFTER .

Our Pride weekend is scheduled to take place on Saturday August 7th & Sunday August 8th 2021. The Pride weekend includes on Saturday August 7th FunHouse XXL Pride edition, on Sunday August 8th Rapido Pride edition and on Monday-morning August 9th the Pride AFTER.

If you already bought a ticket for FunHouse XL King, Rapido King, FunHouse XXL Pride edition and Weekend Tickets for Rapido Pride edition this ticket will stay valid for the rescheduled edition. You don’t have to do anything if want to attend this rescheduled event, just bring your current ticket and have fun at the event.

You also have the opportunity to choose a voucher, equal to the amount of your initial order & service/handling fees, which can be used for any of our events or products.

Yes, all locker & drink token vouchers will be valid to the rescheduled edition.

Tickets sold via Ticketswap have been re-issued and you should contact Ticketswap.

If you have bought a ticket, you have received an e-mail in which you have the opportunity to choose the option which suits you best and notify us latest till June 1st 2020. If we did not receive such a notification before June 1st 2020 your ticket will become valid for the rescheduled date of the event in question.

We expect that you will receive the voucher from our ticketing partner Paylogic early-June at the latest.

You will receive your voucher early June at the latest. If you would like to purchase entrance tickets for upcoming events or merchandise like lockers & drink tokens you can submit the voucher code during the check-out of your purchase. The voucher remains valid till December 31 – 2021 and can be used for all events organized by Rapido Events BV. This includes FunHouse, FunHouse XL, FunHouse XXL, Rapido, AFTER & B:EAST Amsterdam events.

No; you will receive first a voucher for the total amount of your order including the handling/service fees. After you have completed a new order another voucher will be issued with the remaining amount of the initial voucher. For example you receive a voucher for 45,00 euro. If you spend 25,00 euro for a regular FunHouse ticket you will receive a new voucher worth 20,00 euro. This voucher you will use further to obtain a Rapido ticket which is 45,00 euro; You use the new voucher worth 20,00 euro and have to pay the remaining 25,00 euro difference with your creditcard, iDeal, or Paypal.

The voucher will be valid till December 31 – 2021

All unused credits after December 31 – 2021 will be considered a donation towards Rapido Events BV.

The voucher will be issued to the original buyer and is non transferable, so it cannot be used by a third party.

  • Yes, you can request for a monetary refund for the original ticket price. Any monetary refund will be issued no later then 1 month after the new date of the rescheduled date of the event. Your request for a monetary refund needs to be notified to us latest by June 1st 2020.
  • FunHouse XL King and Rapido King tickets will be issued for monetary refund no later then June 1st 2021.
  • FunHouse XXL Pride and Rapido Pride tickets will be issued for monetary refund no later then September 7th 2021.
  • B:EAST Amsterdam Tickets will be issued for monetary refund no later then March 14th 2021.

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