FunHouse Saturday March 15

FunHouse : Jungle Juice edition

Tired of the winterdays and looking for a bit of adventure ?
Ready to release your Tarzan who is been screaming to get out ?

Then pick up your survival-kit, leave your sorrows at home and be prepared to meet the best tribe you will ever come across.

On March 15th we will transform the WesterUnie into an adventurous rainforrest where we present :

FunHouse : Jungle Juice

A secret spot filled with lush green trees, shrubbery exotic animals and exciting forbidden fruits.
A place where the diversity of sexy creatures will just take your breath away.

Dance away on the most energetic, happy and uplifting sounds of DJ GSP, DJ BE-Rik, DJ Roham da Mirz and DJ ManMachine. Grab a liana and swing as never before !

For this special night we have two dancefloors, breathtaking lasershows, amazing special effects and
ofcourse our very sexy GoGo-dancers.

So get ready for this very special night with the most fun and energetic partycrowd you have ever seen.

After all : this is FunHouse : Jungle Juice

with DJ GSP , Be-Rik, ManMachine & Roham de Mirz

Dont we all just hate lines :

for this we created the Fun PLUS-EXTRA ticket : skip ALL lines : NO line at the entrance + NO line at the Lockers + NO line at the Drink Token desk. Now available.

FunHouse .... only for those who wanna Fun night out.

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