FunHouse Saturday June 28

FunHouse : Bollywood edition

Donít we all have a weak spot for India ?
The amazing colors, the beautiful sights and of course Ö
the best curries ever ?

At FunHouse we think itís about time to take you on a trip to this amazing place but of course ........
we like to do things differently.

So; forget the Tandoori, the Butter-Chicken and the Korma.

This Indian night is all about colours, singing and dancing.

Welcome to Bollywood Ö.

the Indian capital of blockbuster movies. A place packed with sexy dancers, a bit of melodrama
and a twist of weirdness.

Once again we will transform the WesterUnie into your favorite dancehall with spectacular visuals, suprising performances,
breathtaking lasers and of course the best partycrowd you can imagine.

Two dancefloors filled with the uplifting beats of our 4 DJís. At this moment we can confirm DJ Max del Principe, Hansom and our special guest DJ Andrei Stan.

Make sure you donít miss this colorful edition and letís make this the best Bollywood production ever.

FunHouse ... only for those who are ready to have fun !

Dont we all just hate lines :

for this we created the Fun PLUS-EXTRA ticket : skip ALL lines : NO line at the entrance + NO line at the Lockers + NO line at the Drink Token desk. Now available.

FunHouse .... only for those who wanna Fun night out.

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