In the age when the DJs have grown from cult figures to cultural icons and music corporations are busy commercialising any unique expression of creativity Doug Gray has taken two steps forward: he is leaving his mark in the universal sound of house music.
Doug Gray fell in love with music at the age of six. By the age of 15 he had numerous piano competitions behind his back. At the age of 29 he underwent a cultural transformation: after moving to Europe he exposed himself to a global cultural phenomenon that changes many peoples lives - house music.
Electronic dance music has transcended class, gender and race. Something the classical composers never managed to achieve. Doug understood that intuitively and embarked upon a journey to discover the universal sound of house music. "Deep down we are all human, subject to the same temptations and victim of the same weakness as everybody else. A DJ with his work if done properly can cut through cultures, political convictions, languages, race, gender and sexuality all at once and make you connect on the very basic human level by making you share one and the same emotion."
The same way a good opera singer doesn't just sing notes a good DJ doesn't just play records. The power of music is its ability to reach directly for the heart by bypassing the mind. On the heart level, we all speak a common language.
As the dancer loses the sense of alienation (s)he is "reborn" in a world where only the music and its rhythm is the law - a sense of unity is achieved. Many regard this very sense of unity as the very body and soul of house music.
There is more in club culture than "getting rich" or "getting laid". There is cultural diversity, artistic independence, and universal spirituality. It is a true global phenomenon. The first functioning multi-cultural, multi ethnic, hypersexual society is taking its first steps right there on the dance floor.
A DJ's work resembles the heartbeat of the mother, as the dancer is like a speechless infant in the moist and warm womb-like environment of the club. The whole experience takes on emotional meaning even across cultural divides. Everyone has experienced the sensation of being inside the womb's of one's mother. DJ Doug Gray is there to remind it to us.