Foundation Willen en Doen

During the free accessible day program of the Rapido Festrival (Saturday April 28) we will fundraise for Foundation "Willen en Doen"; a foundation which is devoted with the fate of young HIV positive orphans in Transkei (South-Africa). With the enormous will to do (willen en doen) the enthusiastic volunteers move literally mountains and create at the end safe havens for those children which life in the down part of the South African society. Supplying them access to basic health care, education and embracing the young children to be able to give them a reasonable normal youth. This foundation deserves to be in the spotlight; today actually every day. Join us at the Rapido Festival and be one of the many visitors that contributes with a (small) donation to make sure "Willen en Doen" can continue the hard work and fulfill there dreams.

Rapido is proud sponsor of Foundation "Willen en Doen"