the FunHouse AFTER returns September 16

FunHouse AFTER is BACK !

By popular demand ; the FunHouse AFTER is BACK !

we are very pleased to announce the AKHNATON will host again our FunHouse AFTER. From 05:00 till 10:00 you can extend your FUN House feeling with the beats from DJ RW.

As we kept the entrance low : 10,00 euro we ask however for a minimal consumption at the bar of 10.00 euro. This minimal consumption is with special "FunHouse coins" ; those coins should be used on the specific night at the bar; on other FunHouse AFTER nights we will have another kind of coin. When your coins are used up you can continue ordering your drinks with regular cash.

Lets all make the FunHouse AFTER a great FUN experience.

See you at AKHNATON !

FunHouse AFTER
September 15/16

with DJ RW

Nieuwezijds Kolk 25

Google Maps location Akhnaton

05:00 till 10:00


note : for GOLD card members : your entrance is of course : FREE ; however you still need to buy the 10,00 euro minimal consumption tickets which you will use for your drinks.