Liquid Kiddy postponed till April 2018

Dear Liquid Kiddy lovers

This message is to all who would love to enjoy this Saturday our event at the WareHouse Elementenstraat.
Totally Events and Rapido Events decided to postpone the Liquid Kiddy event. 
The vision with Liquid Kiddy is a blend from 3 worlds. The best in House music with truly extravagant entertainment - the diverse and colorful tunes from the Pop Scene and all blended with RnB and Urban in the Totally room. A continuous flow from great acts from our amazing performers - with loads of eye catching moments. Three different music styles in 3 different rooms but all perfectly mixed together. 
We realized to late the upcoming weekend offers already so much diversity in events, in Amsterdam and closely around us. Several shows - artists and DJs got far before this weekend already booked and at the end we were unable to present you all Liquid Kiddy stands for. We aiming for the best as you expect the best and thus we decided to postpone the event till early April - 2018 to give you truly the best.
For all with tickets : Your E-Ticket will be still valid and we will have something special for you at the Event - Be Surprised - We are Excited !
For all your questions please contact :
Totally Events & Rapido Events


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